Forms & Terms and Conditions

Products and Services Forms & Terms and Conditions


Velocity@ocbc Application Form

Velocity@ocbc Change of Service Package Form

Velocity@ocbc Manage Account Form

Business PhoneBanking and eAlerts@ocbc Application Form

Business PhoneBanking Maintenance Form

eAlerts@ocbc Maintenance Form

Corporate ATM Services Application Form

Corporate ATM Services SMS Alert Update Form (For Company with existing Corporate ATM Cards)

Account Opening

Unified Business Application Forms

Business Account Application Form

Renminbi Business Account Application Form

Interbank GIRO Arrangement Application Form

Board Resolution

Business Account Terms & Conditions

Minutes of Meeting (Associations and Clubs)

Account Terms & Conditions for Cash Clearing and Associated Services For Financial Institutions

Terms and Conditions for RMB Accounts and Related Services For Financial Institutions

OCBC Business Cards
OCBC Business Debit Card

OCBC Business Debit Card Application Form

OCBC Business Debit Card Logo Submission Form

OCBC Business Debit Card Maintenance Form (For existing cardholders)

OCBC Business Debit Card Agreement

Directors' Resolution Template

Corporate and Business Card Activation

Corporate and Business Card Activation Form (For existing cardholders)

Account Activities

Add to DNC (Do Not Call) Registry

Corporate Cheque Book Request Form

Business Account Update Form

Express Bulk Cash Deposit Application/Security Cash Deposit Bag & Tag Order Form

Remove from DNC (Do Not Call) Registry

Request for Bank Reference Letter (Business Accounts)

FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) - related

FAST Recall Request Form

FAST Stop Payment/Delete Batch Form


Interbank GIRO Application Form

Termination of GIRO Form

Endorsement of Direct Credit Authorisation Form

Interbank GIRO Recall Request Form

Direct Debit Authorisation Migration Process and Sample Letters

Direct Debit Authorisation Migration Process and Sample Letters


Payment e-form (Telegraphic Transfer/MEPS/Internal Funds Transfer)

New Standing Instruction Application Form (Telegraphic Transfer & MEPS)

Amendment / Cancellation of Standing Instruction Form (Telegraphic Transfer & MEPS)

Funds Transfer Cancellation Request Form

Funds Transfer Amendment / Investigation Request Form


Micro Loan Application form

Commercial Property Loan Application form

Loan Redemption Form

Trade Finance Application form

Equipment & Machinery Financing

Consent Form

Declaration Form

Equipment & Machinery Financing Application form

Business Receivable Financing

Consent Form

Declaration Form

Government Assisted Schemes

Internationalisation Finance Scheme Application form

Local Enterprise Financing Scheme

Micro Loan Application form

Machinery/ Equipment Loan Application form

Block Discounting

Sales Letter and Declaration

Floor Stock

Delivery Receipt

Bill of Exchange

Dealer's Invoice and Certificate of Declaration

Vendor's Invoice and Certificate of Declaration

Fleet Financing

Please contact RM or OCBC representative for further queries

Business Insurance

BizProtect Plus Office Application Form

BizProtect Plus Service Application Form

BizProtect Plus Retail Application Form

BizProtect Plus Restaurant Application Form

BizProtect Plus Trading/Wholesale Application Form

Trade Services


Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit Application e-Form

Cash Margin Letter for Adhoc LC Application Form

Letter of Credit Amendment Application Form

Shipping Guarantee

Shipping Guarantees Application Form

Trust Receipt

Trust Receipt Application Form

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing (Purchase) Application e-Form


Export Letter of Credit

Export LC Bill Processing Application e-Form

Letter of Credit Transfer

Letter of Credit Transfer Application Form

Export Documentary Collection

Export Documentary Collection Application e-Form

Packing Loan

Packing Loan Application Form

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing (Sales) Application e-Form

Banker's Guarantee / Standby Letter of Credit

Banker's Guarantee Application Form (For customers with trade credit facility only)

Banker's Guarantee Standard Format

(For customers with no trade credit facility, please visit our nearest branch for more details)

Standby Letter of Credit (Standard D1) Application Form

Standby Letter of Credit (Attached Format) Application Form